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March 01, 2023
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40 Cool gift ideas to choose from

when you're not sure what to get

When you offer a gift and you get to be a part of the joy and excitement of the receiver, that is one of the most beautiful feelings you can experience. We know, finding the perfect gift to give is not an easy quest, but it is all worth it when your choice surprised and brought happiness to someone.

Be it your better half, your best friend, a colleague, a parent, a kid or that hard-to-please friend that you never quite get it right with, we all give and receive gifts along the way. So in a world where there are so many things to choose from, we wanted to make things easier for you, in your own quest for finding the perfect gift.

Have a look, get inspired, and if you have suggestions, please share them with us: Venoa is the online shopping inspired by YOU.

For the music lovers

The singer in the shower, or the one who knows all the lyrics, or actually that someone you know who plays an instrument or always dreamed of being in a band… we’ve got their backs!

For the superheroes fans

We all have that space cadet friend who loves collecting favourite heroes (or villains?:) ) merch.

For the technofreaks and ingenious ones

Because keeping up with the latest trends in tech is their thing.

For the tea and coffee addicts

You can recognize them by the mug they are always holding :D (Hey, you are one of them, aren’t you? We see your mug over there :D) They already figured out the benefits that tea and coffee have, now it’s time for you to bring their ritual to the next level! P.S. Coffee goes great with cookies.

For the gamers

Boardgames, PC, console, online, offline, alone or with their friends, you say “game” and they’re in!

For the ones who care for the environment

Shouldn’t we all? Nonetheless, they have developed their environmentalist and cruelty-free sense a bit more and they set an example for us. We should reward them with an eco-friendly gift.

For the binge-watchers

Because their perfect weekend has the following ingredients: marathon-watching, snacks, and a comfy sofa. Movie, series, cartoons, you name it - they’ve seen it!

For the kids

Because no matter how many games, toys and collectibles they have, it’s never enough and you always make them happy with a new one.

For the ones who like to pamper

Because just like the kids are with toys, so are they with skincare products. And don’t worry, we have something for your friend, mother, wife, but also for that guy in your crew that has an amazing stylish beard :D

For the nostalgic ones

You know, the ones who miss rewinding a cassette tape with a pencil. Oldies but Goldies, right?

For the ones who loves the scents of coziness

Because they enjoy that relaxing and comforting feeling at home more than anyone else.

For the ones who always decorate

Because they love turning every place into a welcoming one.

For the chefs

“Yummy” is the word that defines them. And being a great chef is more than cooking and passion. It’s also about using the right tools :)

We’re positive you’ve recognized a couple of your friends and family members in our list, and even yourself - you deserve to give yourself a gift too!

Hopefully we were able to inspire you and maybe give you an idea that did not cross your mind yet :)

And don’t forget, the Venoa team is always here happy to help!


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